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Jobecca's solutions have helped us meet regulatory standards while allowing me to sleep at night!

Our business functions in a highly regulated, information safe guarded sector. We absolutely have to maintain secure and timely IT resources to assure compliance with Federal, State and Local requirements. Jobecca's solutions have helped us meet these standards while allowing me to sleep at night!

While price is certainly an important consideration in any transaction, getting value for our money is more important - and Jobecca gives us that. They provide timely support, sustainable solutions and help us anticipate changes and growth in our IT demands. They have the depth of resources to support our business in a cost effective manner, planning appropriate solutions for now and into the future. We appreciate the value we receive out of our partnership with Jobecca. The cost is well worth it.

Stephen Comess, Executive Director United Anesthesia Services

Jobecca’s guidance helps us avoid issues before they become problems in my world. And because of that I avoid employee downtime or frustration.

What business doesn't depend on computers? It’s when they go down that you realize their absolute need. But my experience with Jobecca isn't with massive failures, it's the things that prevent problems. Like this - we just renewed our annual insurance policy. The first question in one section was this - do you have a firewall? We recently didn't but we had it installed before that question was asked. It was Jobecca that helped us understand the need even before I saw its need, even before I saw the renewal question. And I darn sure argued against having it, especially given the cost. But they were right!

Price is an absolute concern of mine. As the Executive Director of a nonprofit I am always concerned about spending money. And a Jobecca price tag isn't always the cheapest. But the quality of the money spent is important too. As someone once said to me, you can get the job done or you can get the job done right. Right usually is more expensive upfront but I've found it saves me money in the long run. This is my experience with Jobecca and I’ve remained a Jobecca customer because I've seen in the long run the quality of their work compared to the price “savings” of previous or alternative IT contractors.

For us, the best thing about Jobecca's services is this: they are there when we need them or even before we need them. Simple answers, complicated answers, they keep our agency business up and running! Behind the scenes monitoring and fixing problems before they become problems in my world. And because of that I avoid employee downtime or frustration. That's not part of their monetary quote but it sure is valuable on my side of the ledger.

Ted Millard, Executive Director Good Friends Inc.

Technology is critical to my business operations – and because of Jobecca, I don’t worry about it at all.

I have been a satisfied Jobecca customer for about 15 years. Jobecca functions as a high end IT department for my small business – software set up, help desk, security system and equipment advisor, upgrade consultant and specialist in all technical matters. Technology is critical to my business operations – and because of Jobecca, I don’t worry about it at all. In my opinion, Jobecca’s price compares favorably with setting up a good IT department.

In all the time that Jobecca has been handling my computer security (about 15 years), my operations have only once been seriously interrupted by a virus – caused by my own mistake in opening something. This was years ago and Jobecca had me back up and running quickly. As someone whose business is dependent on smooth operation of my computer systems, I would consider it false – and dangerous – economy to skimp on the monitoring, security and consultative services that Jobecca provides.

Virginia M. Duffy, Esquire Attorney at Law

With Jobecca, we are paying for a known product and, to me, it’s worth the extra.

With Jobecca’s services, we have had essentially no untoward incidents. Years ago, without monitoring, I had problems with computer viruses, spam, etc. Now I can rely on my computer to work when I need it, which is every day. For us, our computers and email are the essential tools. We’d be out of business without them.

You get what you pay for. Spending less for lesser quality may work for some things. Buy the store brand mayonnaise if taste doesn’t matter. But if you like Hellman’s, then I say buy Hellman’s! With Jobecca, we are paying for a known product and, to me, it’s worth the extra.

Deborah Zateeny, Esquire, Partner Zateeny Loftus, LLC

We have used Jobecca for decades and have always been confident in their service.

We feel that we have an obligation to our clients to back up and protect our work if we charge clients for it. Regular backups and monitoring are the best way, for us, to make sure our data is safe and we meet our professional obligations, and Jobecca is the company we have partnered with to help ensure that our standards are met in this regard.

We highly recommend Jobecca. We trust them, they are reliable, and they are consistent. They are small enough that we know the team (and they know us), and large enough to have availability and broad skills. We have used them for decades and have always been confident in their service. Other providers might quote a lower fee, but you do get what you pay for and we think that if you suffer from a prolonged downtime or data loss because of poor service you'll be "penny wise and pound foolish."

Peter T. Commons, Managing Partner Commons & Commons LLP

The security our organization has achieved through Jobecca's cloud based backup and continuity solution takes uncertainty off the table.

Would anyone entrust their cash with a bank that wasn't secure? The answer is obvious and the security our organization has achieved through Jobecca's cloud based backup and continuity solution takes uncertainty off the table.

This is an expense that buys peace of mind and the personnel behind the solution are solid, highly knowledgeable, seasoned professionals who we consider an integral part of our organization.

Kim Hollaender, Esquire, Partner Langsam Stevens Silver & Hollaender, LLP

Jobecca's response time exceeds our expectations!

We've worked with Jobecca for almost 15 years and it feels like the Jobecca staff are our fellow employees. They are incredibly knowledgeable and always professional. Their response time exceeds our expectations and they take the time to explain issues and solutions in detail. They are detailed in their response to every question (recognizing that no question is a dumb question) and always ensure we are satisfied before they leave our office.

Jobecca's client portal makes notifying Jobecca of a problem as easy as pressing a button. We use the portal to create and submit tickets quickly. At times they connect to my computer before I'm even logged off of the portal.

With Jobecca, you get the personalized treatment you need when you need it most, and at an affordable price.

Gary Aquaro, Project Manager WRH Global Americas

Jobecca becomes a part of your business team.

With Jobecca, I know I have IT pros I can call on at any time who can get my computer or software systems working ASAP when something goes wrong.

I’m pretty smart but some IT people have a way of obfuscating things.  Jobecca’s team explain things in ways that make sense.  They also listen well and understand what’s important to me as I am running my business.  And I like that Jobecca is thinking proactively and preventatively for me.  I’m a big believer in preventing problems before they occur.  The more glitches and delays I can avoid, the better.

In short, they become part of your business team, and truly want to fix your problem and help you.

Janis Von Culin, Owner Von Culin Associates

Peace of mind!

That’s what I have working with Jobecca – peace of mind. I don’t go apoplectic any more if I am experiencing a computer issue because I know I’ll have access to a member of the talented and concerned Jobecca team to rectify the issue in a timely manner.

I’m a person totally dependent on my computer access, combined with an extremely low tolerance and interest in how the system works.  With Jobecca as my partner, I know they’ll keep me operational, while communicating with me on my level.

With Jobecca, I get peace of mind – and with it, lower blood pressure.

Nancy Threlfall, CEO Threlfall Marketing Group

Why mess with something when it's not broken?

Since we computerized in 2004, we have only worked with Jobecca. We have been impressed from day one. Why mess with something when it's not broken?
In a fast-paced, retail business, it is important to work with a company that really understands your needs. Everyone at Jobecca strives to understand our company as completely as possible and how they can help us serve our customers better. In short, they listen to our needs and work with us to accomplish our objectives.

Sandy Carroll Partner
Tire City

I did the server transition in the middle of tax season and it could not have gone any more smoothly!

Jobecca was extremely helpful in understanding my needs and my concerns. The initial consultation was key in all of this. I experienced a seamless transition. I was very nervous at first as I thought there would be a lot of down time during work hours, but that was not the case at all. The bulk of the work was done behind the scenes and/or after work hours. As a result, I did not experience any service interruption when transitioning from my previous provider. I did the server transition in the middle of tax season (very stressful, as I am a tax preparer) and it could not have gone any more smoothly! Jobecca's communication was above and beyond what I expected. Their engineer was on site the day we competed the server transition and he did not leave until I felt comfortable that we were 100% active and running all the programs without issues.

Jessica V. Guerrero-Parekh Vice President
Latin-American Business Services, Inc.

Complete Confidence

Jobecca’s technical staff is always knowledgeable and effective.  I have complete confidence that no matter what my computer problem is, Jobecca will be able to fix it promptly with almost no down time to my office.

Stephen J. Mathes Esquire
The Law Office of Stephen J. Mathes

I don’t have to worry because all of our IT issues are handled.

Jobecca treats us like we are a part of their company.  Even though Jobecca is an outside firm, we are treated as if we are a priority client and as if they are part of our firm itself.  They are there for us, even after business hours, for any issues we may have.

With Jobecca, I don’t have to worry because all of our IT issues are handled. Having faith that the team at Jobecca knows all of our issues and is able to find the answer is comforting and helps in all of our day to day operations.

Jillian Polinsky Office Manager
Langsam Stevens Silver & Hollaender LLP

Jobecca is interested and invested in my success.

In a relationship of nearly 15 years, I have never been disappointed in Jobecca’s response to any situation nor had any reason to doubt that they have my back.  In that time, I have been able to communicate with my clients from multiple offices around the country seamlessly and securely, and I have never spent a moment worrying about that vital aspect of my practice.

Jobecca is interested and invested in my success.  Whether it’s their nearly immediate response to issues when they do arise, more proactive approach to security, substantial bench of knowledgeable and personable engineers or excellent systems that enable their entire staff to understand my network and respond to my questions and issues, their overall approach is what makes the difference.

Jennifer L. Bragg Esquire
Law Offices of Jennifer L. Bragg, LLC

Jobecca is by my side to ensure my success.

Choosing a company where you know who you’re talking to – and more importantly, they know you, and your business needs – means that you’re in something more like a partnership than a mercenary business arrangement.  With Jobecca, we have confidence: confidence that we are doing what we should for our business and our clients, and that we have knowledgeable, friendly assistance we can call on whenever needed.  Working with Jobecca means working with an IT firm that wants my company to succeed and knows what I need to get my company there.  In short, Jobecca is by my side to ensure my success.

Katie Commons Attorney
Commons & Commons LLP

Go with a company you can trust like a teammate!

I really like the holistic approach that Jobecca provides. From the first outreach to delivery, everything is done with an extremely professional approach.  Jobecca works hard to cover every detail of customer service and to keep communications open while completing tasks in a timely and effective manner.  I even get a lot of value from their newsletter and weekly cybersecurity e-mail tips.

When it comes to choosing a business to partner with, especially when the service is integral and intimate to your business, like technology, I always say, go with a company you can trust like a teammate!  Go with Jobecca!

Jodi O’Donnell-Ames President, Founder
Hope Loves Company

We’ve worked with Jobecca for over twenty years.  The staff is extraordinary and responsive.  Any of our team members can reach out through the Help Desk and get prompt if not immediate resolution to most problems.  They take great pride in their work, are personable, skilled, uber-professional and patient.  They can communicate tech problems in lay language.  We are lawyers and advocates and rely on these skills.

We are in a continuing time of growth with geographical expansion, new offices, and more staff travel.  The Ubiquidesk™ platform has provided us with simplified access to all of our tools, information and communications.  Moving to Ubiquidesk™ has been an essential part of our strategic growth and expansion!

We have referred many valued colleagues to Michael and his team at Jobecca over the years and two of our closest partners have recently left their long-term providers to engage the Jobecca team.  They are not the cheapest, but they are the best.  They are committed to excellence and to our success and because of this, we view them not just as a vendor but as a true partner in our work.

Karen Buck Esquire, Executive Director
SeniorLAW Center

Prompt responses, provided by smart people who know their stuff!

I like technology, I generally understand it, and at times I like to roll up my sleeves and really get into the details, but most of the time I have my paying business to operate and don’t have the time or inclination to learn or keep up with the ever-changing intricacies of cybersecurity.  With Jobecca, I never have to worry about these critical details.

Jobecca provides prompt responses to inquiries, provided by smart people who know their stuff, respect my priorities, and are willing to invest the extra time that might be needed to really solve a problem. I never feel like I am wasting someone’s time with my questions because Jobecca cares about my problem as if it were their problem.

Carl G. Roberts Law Offices of Carl G. Roberts LLC

A Professional, Dedicated Partner

Jobecca provides reliable IT support, always responding to and solving problems quickly.  While other IT companies also do this, for me, the difference is that Jobecca acts as a professional dedicated partner.  The support is personal, as opposed to anonymous, and carried out by people we know and trust.  While they have helped us avoid many problems, when there is an IT problem, this level of support makes us feel comfortable.  Add to that their regular strategic meetings, with IT and business planning, as well as IT budgeting, and it is an unbeatable combination.

Chris Daneffel CEO
WRH Global Americas, Inc.

Head and shoulders over the others

As a business owner, I am naturally concerned about data security.  Knowing that Jobecca monitors all of our email, sorts out the questionable mail and even provides me with a daily report keeps me aware of the increased level of security that we now have.

And of course, there’s the rapid response and swift resolution I receive whenever we have an issue.  Jobecca’s level of support, as well as the security they provide makes them head and shoulders over the others.

Fred Baumgarten Owner
Grundy Commons

It’s Like Having an IT Department In-House!

Jobecca’s IT services is like having an IT department In-House…a highly-responsive department, because of their focused attention to detail and commitment to follow up.  The simplicity afforded by submitting tickets and being able to track the work performed and response time is something that makes Jobecca stand out.

When I put everything together, the decision to work with Jobecca is a no-brainer for our club.  If you’re considering working with them, just do it – you won’t be disappointed!

Kelly Hughes-Allen Controller
Chester Valley Golf Club

You make me feel like I’m your only client.

You take care of our day-to-day issues, so I don’t have to worry about them.  But you also look after us in the long term as well, providing relevant strategic advice and security education.  The bottom line is that you guys make me feel like I’m your only client – which is a nice feeling as a client.

Tim Mackay Managing Flying Director
Foy Inventerprises

Meet the principals, try them out.

Given my very crowded schedule and travel, what I value most is Jobecca’s personal service from people I know personally and trust.  It’s the ability to get quick, often immediate service, to keep me up and running and online.

Every minute, I cannot get online access during my normal work hours, cuts into my personal time, a time when I should not be working.  I highly value that Jobecca always keeps that from happening.

For anyone deciding who to trust their critical IT services to, I suggest you meet the principals and try them out.

Larry Silver Partner
Langsam Stevens Silver & Hollaender LLP