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  1. Washington Post Online’s MOST READ ARTICLE EVER
  2. OSHA “Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19”
  3. Jack Canfield webinar on COVID-19 and FEAR
    (NOTE: due to a delay with Zoom saving the video, this link goes to a Facebook live version of the webinar that is missing the first 15 minutes.  It is still extremely worthwhile!
  4. Bigger Brains FREE Microsoft Teams essentials training videos
    (NOTE: Whoops, I said 5 hours.  It’s actually 5 videos…about an hour.  But they also have courses on Windows 10, Excel 2010, Forms and Kaizala (about 6-7 hours of total free courses).  Also, BB has over 3,100 lessons in 140+ courses with an average video length of under 9 minutes.  Great stuff and if any of you are interested, let me know as we can offer rates lower than those direct from BB (that’s all the selling I’m going to do here).
  5. Corona Virus Special Edition Blog Posts
    1. Cybercriminals Are Counting On You Letting Your Guard Down During This Global Pandemic – Here’s How To Stop Them
    2. 5 Steps To Rise Above The Fear Of COVID-19 And Focus On Growing Your Business
    3. How To Quickly Shift To A Work-From-Home Business Model To Maximize Productivity In Today’s Coronavirus Environment
  6. Free Work From Home Consultations
    Get Double The Work Out Of Your Employees While Slashing Overhead Costs, Padding Your Bottom Line And Securing Incredible Loyalty From Your Staff. Sound too good to be true? I assure you it’s not…
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