Who We Are:

Jobecca Technology Group is a Cybersecurity and Managed IT Services provider, delivering IT support to the Greater Philadelphia, Central Jersey and Delaware regions.  We are committed to providing full-service managed IT services to business owners and organizational leaders.  Our team consists of talented IT professionals and cybersecurity experts.

Our Story:

Jobecca Technology Group began in 1995 as MES Consulting Services and in 1997 our President, Michael Einbinder-Schatz refined his approach, added staff, and re-named the business for his kids, Joshua and Rebecca. From there Jobecca Technology Group has blossomed.

About The President:

Michael Einbinder-Schatz is an IT industry leader and cybersecurity expert with over 30 years in the industry, in his heart he is still the film geek with a degree in Radio Television & Film from Temple University. While he loves talking technology strategies with you, if you ever want to chat about your favorite Coen Brothers Film or whether Breaking Bad is the best television show ever, he would love to go down that rabbit hole with you.

Michael has helped hundreds of small to mid-sized organizations get the most out of their IT investment…maximizing productivity and performance, while minimizing risk.  Michael takes pride in delivering high-level services in the most cost-efficient manner possible for our valued clients.

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Our Customers:

Jobecca Technology Group’s customers span across multiple industries such as Nonprofit Organizations, Law Firms, Country Clubs, and other Professional Service Organizations. The top 70% of our customers have trusted Jobecca Technology Group as their go to partner for managed services, cybersecurity, and IT solutions for an average of over 19 years!

Heroic Stories:

Technology Deficiency: Early on in Michael’s career he worked with a small Nonprofit Organization that would renovate dilapidated homes and help neighborhood residents become first-time homeowners.  During his initial consultation, they revealed that their previous IT provider had advised them to spend over $10,000 on technology upgrades due to a lack of available hardware resources.  With a little bit of research, Michael determined that they actually had plenty of available resources and the old provider was simply trying to make an unnecessary sale.  His anger over this attempt to take funds from service delivery fueled Michael’s passions.  Helping clients spend appropriately on technology and security has become engrained as a core component of Jobecca’s values.

Outdated Systems: In the late-90s, Michael helped to minimize his service fees by educating a new client that needed to shepherd every dollar to service delivery to their elderly clients. By educating the client on the true significant costs of fixing and maintaining insufficient hand-me-down outdated, and donated equipment, that client (and many others since), has saved hundreds of thousands of dollars of unnecessary support fees by taking a strategic approach to their technology spend. Fast forward to 25 years later and that client remains a valued strategic partner, one that executes on their technology plan in a manner that provides AND ensures they get the most benefit out of every technology dollar spent.

Core Values aka “The Jobecca Way”:

  1. Delivering “WOW” to our clients
  2. Strategic focus
  3. Consistent process ensures consistent results
  4. Clear communication and complete candor
  5. Extreme accountability

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Top 7 Reasons to Choose Jobecca Technology Group:


IT One-Stop-Shop, providing highly‐competent technology support services, combined with a dedication to proactivity and efficiency


You Will Never Be Bound To A Long-Term Contract. We are THAT confident in our services


Our Technical Team Averages Over 25 Years Of IT Experience. There is peace of mind in knowing that your technology partner understands your needs and has the experience to help you quickly


FREE Grant Grabber™ Service helps nonprofit clients improve technology grant requests and increases your likelihood of receiving technology-related funding


We’ll Respond To Your Help Desk Inquiries In Under An Hour Guaranteed. We dedicate ourselves to solving your problem as quickly as possible


Average Customer Retention Is Measured In Decades, Not Years. Our customer satisfaction rating is over 98%. Our customer reviews indicate our dedication to this value


ABA Approach (Always Be Auditing) To Cyber Security is uncompromising and helps protect the security of your data

Client Reviews:

Technology is critical to my business operations – and because of Jobecca, I don’t worry about it at all.

I have been a satisfied Jobecca customer for about 15 years. Jobecca functions as a high end IT department for my small business – software set up, help desk, security system and equipment advisor, upgrade consultant and specialist in all technical matters. Technology is critical to my business operations – and because of Jobecca, I don’t worry about it at all. In my opinion, Jobecca’s price compares favorably with setting up a good IT department.

In all the time that Jobecca has been handling my computer security (about 15 years), my operations have only once been seriously interrupted by a virus – caused by my own mistake in opening something. This was years ago and Jobecca had me back up and running quickly. As someone whose business is dependent on smooth operation of my computer systems, I would consider it false – and dangerous – economy to skimp on the monitoring, security and consultative services that Jobecca provides.

Virginia M. Duffy, Esquire Attorney at Law

Jobecca’s guidance helps us avoid issues before they become problems in my world. And because of that I avoid employee downtime or frustration.

What business doesn't depend on computers? It’s when they go down that you realize their absolute need. But my experience with Jobecca isn't with massive failures, it's the things that prevent problems. Like this - we just renewed our annual insurance policy. The first question in one section was this - do you have a firewall? We recently didn't but we had it installed before that question was asked. It was Jobecca that helped us understand the need even before I saw its need, even before I saw the renewal question. And I darn sure argued against having it, especially given the cost. But they were right!

Price is an absolute concern of mine. As the Executive Director of a nonprofit I am always concerned about spending money. And a Jobecca price tag isn't always the cheapest. But the quality of the money spent is important too. As someone once said to me, you can get the job done or you can get the job done right. Right usually is more expensive upfront but I've found it saves me money in the long run. This is my experience with Jobecca and I’ve remained a Jobecca customer because I've seen in the long run the quality of their work compared to the price “savings” of previous or alternative IT contractors.

For us, the best thing about Jobecca's services is this: they are there when we need them or even before we need them. Simple answers, complicated answers, they keep our agency business up and running! Behind the scenes monitoring and fixing problems before they become problems in my world. And because of that I avoid employee downtime or frustration. That's not part of their monetary quote but it sure is valuable on my side of the ledger.

Ted Millard, Executive Director Good Friends Inc.

Our Services:

Cloud Services

Our solutions are fully scalable and available for a flat-rate fee.

Managed IT Services

We’ll manage all of your IT services for a flat-rate fee.

Help Desk Services

We offer assistance with network and computer issues.

Business Continuity Services

We can protect your data, network, and systems from hacking or virus threats.

Jobecca eLearning

The tool to push your business to the next level.

Cybersecurity Services

Let us help to ensure that you are at minimum risk.